P2P Trading

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Direct peer-to-peer trading without any third party or central authority.


Aphelion enables universal cross-border and near instant cryptocurrency trading.


Grow your portfolio on-chain and cross-chain with smart contract technology.

Aphelion is a P2P trading platform (DEX) built on the NEO blockchain that brings a wallet based peer-to-peer trading experience to cryptocurrency traders worldwide

The Aphelion solution allows users to trade cryptocurrency in a totally decentralized and trustless environment. Our Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (D.E.A.L.) decentralized application (DApp) eliminates any third party or central authority.

Aphelion ends: high fees, delays, frozen funds, locked trades and hijacked tokens. All Aphelion initiated trades are done directly on-chain or cross-chain and directly between users with terms they set, accept and complete themselves. As a bonus, APH tokens spent during P2P trading are automatically redistributed to all APH token holders; similar to the NEO/GAS relationship. Aphelion is not a hosted exchange, it never holds or stores tokens and is totally open source, community driven and most importantly: DECENTRALIZED.

Join Aphelion in our giant leap forward in the evolution of cryptocurrency trading.

Why Neo

NEO supports faster development and deployment of smart contracts and projects, as it enables developers to build on programming languages already familiar with them.

We provide various advanced languages in the form of compiler,” says Da Hongfei (NEO founder).

“Besides .Net and Java, we support Python and Go which can cover more than 90 percent of developers. Compared with Ethereum, development has a smooth learning curve and shorter learning circle, allowing for fast introduction of projects.”


Efficiency POW on ASIC machines uses vast amounts of energy

Secure Contracts Pseudo-anonymity creates lack of integrity in transactions

Dev Languages C++

SCALABILITY Peak transaction per second is limited to 3-4


Efficiency dBFT ensures finality through highly efficient method

Secure Contracts Integrated digital identity allows for real world applications

Dev Languages C#, .Net, Java, Python and Go coming which can cover 90% of developers

SCALABILITY Up to 10,000 transactions per second


Efficiency GPU miners collectively using more energy than an entire country*

Secure Contracts Vulnerable contract code prone to hacker attacks**

Dev Languages Solidity

SCALABILITY Current peak transaction per second is 20

How it works

APH tokens are the escrow device storing the smart contract required to facilitate the P2P trading and so a small amount of APH are required to complete each transaction.

And then that Aphelion tokenized smart contract makes its way to the open source servers that store the order books and complete the trade.

As a bonus to all APH holders, the APH required and spent during the exchange is automatically redistributed to all APH holders on the blockchain.

Aphelion Wallet

NEO/GAS/NEP5|Nano Ledger Support|MIT License

Introducing the new Aphelion NEO Wallet DEX with Ledger Support. Our groundbreaking wallet based DEX showcases a cutting edge user interface, real-time trading chart data, customizable address book and complete Nep5 token integration. First of its kind technology allowing peer-to-peer smart contract and wallet-based trading is available across channels including: Desktop, iOS, Android and Mobile Web.