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About Aphelion:

As the second token to be created on NEO, Aphelion is building a next generation, tokenized, distribution mechanism to solve for the challenges plaguing the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. This protocol will allow for a groundbreaking peer-to-peer smart contract called a Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (DEAL). An APH DEAL fuels the Aphelion DApp built on the NEO blockchain that is open source, supports multi programming languages, transacts quickly and frees DEAL makers from: rules, latency and security breaches. APH tokens represent a new breed of digital asset exchange tool. The breakthrough advancement is creating the protocol powering the truly decentralized exchanges directly between users as a distributed ledger DApp. Aphelion’s own Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (DEAL) is advancing p2p blockchain to the next level and finally into the total control of the users. Aphelion tokens are an escrow utility. They are the digital smart contract mechanism powering the DEAL.

Why NEO?

“NEO supports faster development and deployment of smart contracts and projects, as it enables developers to build on programming languages already familiar with them. We provide various advanced languages in the form of compiler,” says Da Hongfei (founder). “Besides .Net and Java, we will support Python and Go in the future which can cover more than 90 percent of developers. Compared with Ethereum, development has more smooth learning curve and shorter learning circle, allowing for fast introduction of projects.”
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POW on ASIC machines uses vast amounts of energy GPU miners collectively using more energy than an entire country* dBFT ensures finality through highly efficient method

Secure Contracts

Pseudo-anonymity creates lack of integrity in transactions Vulnerable contract code prone to hacker attacks** Integrated digital identity allows for real world applications

Dev Languages

C++ Solidity C#, .Net, Java, Python and Go coming which can cover 90% of developers


Peak transaction per second is limited to 3-4 Current peak transaction per second is 20 Up to 10,000 transactions per second

Centralized Exchanges

There is widespread use of several cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges. They are the clear mechanism for p2p trading, but they are not decentralized. They act as intermediaries between traders initiating trades and this poses a number of inherent challenges. First, exchanges set the rules for who can trade, what can be traded and when. There are countless stories of users accounts and even initiated trades being a deleted or frozen without explanation. We’ve also had numerous security breaches resulting in hundreds of millions (USD) being stolen. On top of these inherent challenges the exchanges are facing there is a complete lack of support facing many users today. These so-called decentralized exchanges are not decentralized at all, in fact quite the opposite.
Decentralized Exchanges Centralized Exchanges
Equanimity between buyer & seller Check Box
Loss of funds from exchange shutdown Check Box
Potential of frozen accounts Check Box
Income for exchange from transaction Check Box
Trading security risks Check Box
Deposits required Check Box

Decentralized Exchanges

Several projects make the claim of being a P2P Decentralized Exchange (DEX). However there are very few built as dApps, completely within a blockchain. Some are centralized client to server operations that rely on an organization's hardware and proprietary software and others are simply a protocol that requires integration into existing centralized exchanges to function properly. Aphelion aims to be one of the pioneers of DEX residing completely within the blockchain as a dApp, requiring only an open source user interface to access data and control smart contracts to trade digital assets. How it Works: As illustrated in the graphic below, if an app=frontend+server, then DApp = frontend + community + contracts. Aphelion contracts are code that runs on the global Aphelion decentralized peer-to-peer protocol.
transaction-diagram dApp
[read more about this process in our whitepaper ]

"Join in our mission to build a collaborative, open source, p2p blockchain technology that finally decentralizes asset distribution and solves for the many challenges plaguing the centralized crypto exchanges and trading platforms."



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