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Aphelion ICO Instructions using the Aphelion Wallet

*please note that you may also participate in the ICO using the Aphelion* NEO GUI wallet

ICO Pricing The APH token price is 20 cents. Aphelion has decided to offer all ICO participants the best exchange rate available throughout the ICO. On the day of this post, Nov 20, 2017, the NEO 3 Day MA was at it’s highest rate during the ICO to date, at $41. If this is the highest 3 day MA for the remainer of the ICO, this is what the token allocation will look like:
Presale: SOLD OUT!
Round 1: ROUND OVER!
Round 2: ROUND OVER!
Round 3: 1 NEO = 205 APH

Currently, the smart contract powering the ICO is programmed to the following rates:
Presale: SOLD OUT!
Round 1: ROUND OVER!
Round 2: ROUND OVER!
Round 3: 1 NEO = 140 APH

*Please note you will recieve your APH tokens immedately upon transacting with our smart contract.
You will receive the ICO bonus within 12hrs of your inital transaction.
You will receive the Exchange Rate adjustment bonus within 30 days of the close of the ICO.

It is a good idea to join our Telegram group for the latest information during the ICO. We will post all ICO related announcements there.

If you have not already registered an account on our site, you must do so prior to participating in the ICO

STEP 1: Download, install and open the Aphelion wallet from our Github. , & Linux versions are available.

STEP 2: Assuming you already have a NEO wallet which contains at least 5 NEO, Click on "Participate in Token Sale".
*Please note you must have at least .001 gas in your wallet to transact with the smart contract.

STEP 3:Enter your private key (WIF) and click login to open your wallet.
You can open any NEO wallet here as long as you have the private key.

STEP 4: Enter the scripthash that will be emailed to you just before the start of the ICO. It will also be available in your account on Aphelion.org just prior to the ICO launch.
Enter the amount of NEO you would like to contribute to receive APH tokens.
Click "Submit for Sale". Wait a few moments...then click "Refresh APH Token Balance".
You should be able to see your APH token balance and an updated NEO balance.

Thank you for participating in the Aphelion ICO!