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What is Aphelion all about?

As the second token to be created on NEO, Aphelion is building a next generation, tokenized, distribution mechanism to solve for the challenges plaguing the centralized cryptocurrency trading platforms. This protocol will allow for a groundbreaking peer-to-peer smart contract called a Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (DEAL). An APH DEAL fuels the Aphelion DApp built on the NEO blockchain that is open source, supports multi programming languages, transacts quickly and frees DEAL makers from: rules, latency and security breaches. APH tokens represent a new breed of digital asset trading tool. The breakthrough advancement is creating the protocol powering the truly decentralized trades directly between users as a distributed ledger DApp. Aphelion’s own Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (DEAL) is advancing p2p blockchain to the next level and finally into the total control of the users. Aphelion tokens are an escrow utility. They are the digital smart contract mechanism powering the DEAL.

When will Aphelion be listed on a trading platform?

Please see the update here for details: https://aphelion.org/blog/aph_exchange_listing_update_march_28_2018.html

Is the Aphelion DApp listed on the NEO website?

Yes, Aphelion is listed on the NEO Dapps page.
We also support the NEO blockchain through our 4 seed servers seen here: http://monitor.cityofzion.io

How far along is development of the dex minimal viable product (MVP)?

We've been playing around with different Nep5/NEO/GAS trading scenarios in our devnet for some time now, which is forming the basis for the APH smart contract we will releasing on mainnet and integrating with the APH Wallet that ultimately will house the APH DEX. As part of that development we have created various exchange scenarios on testnet, which are fully documented and verifiable. This is our initial proof of concept (PoC) demonstrating on-chain trades. The next release will be in mainnet and integrated into an updated APH wallet opening up NEO/GAS/Nep5 trading to the world and redistributing APH to all holders in the process." Links to these test transactions can be found here:
And here:

What is the utility of the APH token?

The APH token will be required to make use of the Aphelion trading platform functionality, it is to be the smart contract mechanism which will act as escrow and notary for the peer to peer exchanges. The APH token will also allow holder's to benefit from the redistribution of the APH tokens used up in each trade. The redistribution to each APH holder will be proportional to the number of APH tokens held by that wallet address, in a similar structure to the neo/gas reward system and without the need to lock tokens for any period of time. The token has undergone legal review and has been classified as a utility token see here:

Why does Aphelion not have any public code available on github?

Currently the only code available is the forked version of existing public code which is the basis of the Aphelion wallet.
This is available on the aphelion token Github page here:

The most current releases of the built wallet can be found here for download:

As Aphelion is standalone project and a commercial venture it has been decided to keep the code in house. The next release of our wallet/dex interface and MVP will be published to GitHub in due course.

What did the token cost during the different stages of the sale?

The token was priced at 0.2 USD throughout all stages of the sale.

What was the bonus structure at each stage of the sale?

The various bonuses are detailed below:

Presale - 100%
ICO phase 1 - 50%
ICO phase 2 - 25%
ICO phase 3 - No bonus

What is the circulating and total supply?

Total Market Cap of 70,000,000
35,000,000 sold during presale and ICO (50%)
3,500,000 distributed for the incentive program (5%)
10,500,000 locked for advisors (15%)
21,000,000 retained by the organization (30%)
Giving us a current market cap of under 5 million USD.

Both advisor and organization tokens are locked for 6 months until June 7th, 2018.

Why does NEO tracker not show the new reduced supply of APH?

The tokens seen in the total supply include this address
https://neotracker.io/address/AMB6s6XMU1SujSSGzEXmuaaUm2GYwjpEa6br />
These are the tokens which are subject to smart contract lock for 100 years and will never enter circulation, so are in effect burnt. This lock will be validated in full prior to listing on trading platforms.

How can I get my questions answered by the Aphelion Team?

You can post questions on our Telegram Channelor email us directly.