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What are the details of your Presale?

The Aphelion pre-sale sold out early on Nov 10 at approximately 21:45 GMT
Here are the stats:
140 Contributors
19,975,496 Tokens Sold
NEO: 34,057 | GAS:546 | BTC:81.87 | ETH:849.17

What are the ICO price and schedule details?

Round Start Date End Date Duration Bonus Effective Price


Nov 15, 2017
First Block 

Nov 15, 2017
Last Block





Nov 16, 2017
First Block

Nov 22, 2017
Last Block

7 Days




Nov 23, 2017
First Block

Dec 7, 2017
Last Block

14 Days

No Bonus


ICO Pricing The APH token price is 20 cents. Aphelion has decided to offer all ICO participants the best exchange rate available throughout the ICO. On the day of this post, Nov 20, 2017, the NEO 3 Day MA was at it’s highest rate during the ICO to date, at $41. If this is the highest 3 day MA for the remainer of the ICO, this is what the token allocation will look like:
Round 1: 1 NEO = 205 APH + 104 APH  [308 APH total]
Round 2: 1 NEO = 205 APH + 51 APH  [256 APH total]
Round 3: 1 NEO = 205 APH

Currently, the smartcontract powering the ICO is programmed to the following rates:
Round 1: 1 NEO = 140 APH + 70 APH  [210 APH total]
Round 2: 1 NEO = 140 APH + 35 APH  [175 APH total]
Round 3: 1 NEO = 140 APH

*Please note you will recieve your APH tokens immedately upon transacting with our smart contract.
You will receive the ICO bonus within 12hrs of your inital transaction.
You will receive the Exchange Rate adjustment bonus within 30 days of the close of the ICO.

What is block time? What is first block, last block?  How will I know when the ICO actually starts?

NEO contracts work off of block height.  Block time is the GMT time the last block was created + 15 seconds.  Our ICO will start on the first block of Nov 15, 00:00 UTC/GMT time. The best way to understand this is to find the GMT time zone of your location and add that number to your local time. Then be prepared to participate in the ICO when the next block commences at that time. For example, if you are located in -6GMT, then the ICO will start on the block after 17:00 or 6:00pm your local time on Nov 14.
At or before the start of the ICO, a script hash will be available in your Aphelion account as long as you have already passed the KYC approval.  We will also announce on twitter when it is time to check your account for the script hash.

What is KYC?

KYC stands for "Know Your Customer" It is commonly bundled with another program named AML (Anti-Money Laundering). KYC/AML are used as international banking standards to thwart off money launderers and sanctioned groups and individuals. We use a third party service provided by IdentityMind that will verify your location and your name against OFAC, PEP, OSFI, EU Freeze list, and many other sanctions lists.
It is not necessary for us to handle your government documents at this time, so we alleviate privacy and security issues.

What is a scripthash and how do I use it?

A script hash allows you to transact a contract on the NEO blockchain.  This is essentially your key to participating in the ICO.  You will enter the script hash into your wallet and it will allow you to send NEO to our ICO address and you will receive APH token in exchange, immediately on the blockchain. More details regarding this process will be released here soon.

How many Aphelion Tokens are available?

220 million. Total supply of tokens will be 440m. 20M for pre-sale; 200M for the ICO. See our White Paper for more information.

50% of tokens are in the ICO. Where does the other 50% go?

  • 45% ICO
  • 5% Pre-ICO
  • 5% Incentive Program
  • 15% Advisors
  • 30% Organization

What is the current exchange rate?

Exchange rates are taken from coinmarketcap.com based on a 5-day moving average.

What is the nature of the Aphelion Token?

We are working towards a custom NEO wallet in advance of the ICO where the tokens will be distributed. The ICO will be run directly on the NEO blockchain.

What was the minimum contribution for Aphelion pre-sale?

The minimum contribution during the presale was 5,000USD equivalent.

What currencies were accepted for the Aphelion pre-sale?

We had accepting BTC, ETH and NEO during the pre-sale. However, during the ICO, we will only accept NEO through a smart contract process conducted through a wallet transfer.

Will you be burning the unsold token? 

Any tokens allocation that is not sold in the ICO will be burnt.  They will not be minted and they will never exist.

What is the market cap for Aphelion Token?

Because we are going to burn any tokens that are not sold, our market cap will be determined and announced at the end of the ICO.

Is there technical documentation the project?

Yes, see our White Paper to view public code for our groundbreaking p2p DApp or Aphelion Public GitHub.

What is the value of hodling the APH token?

Our tokens value lies in its utility to facilitate p2p transactions directly on the blockchain. HODL!

Will the Aphelion app be available on Mac or iOS?

Yes, the Aphelion app will be available for both Apple and Windows computers soon.

What wallet will be used to participate in the ICO?

We are currently working on a version of the NEON wallet that will facilitate the transaction during the ICO.

When can I trade the APH token?

You will be able to trade the APH token privately as soon as you receive the tokens in your wallet during the ICO. The first exchange trading is scheduled for Q1 2018, per our roadmap.

Is there a referral program?

Yes, the referral program is only valid during the pre-sale. Commissions are only paid to accounts who have also participated in the pre-sale. There is no referral program during the crowdsale/ICO which begins on Nov 15, 2017. Referral bonus is 5% of whatever your referral purchases.

Is there an Aphelion Bounty Program?

Yes, there is a Bounty Program posted on Bitcointalk.

Why did we choose St. Kitts, Nevis?

With small governments, light regulations and easy going politics, the Caribbean is a beautiful place for the cryptocurrency market.   It is actually a booming region for crypto.

How can I get my questions answered by the Aphelion Team?

You can post questions on our Telegram Channel or email us directly.