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The Aphelion Presale is Officially Closed

Aphelion is pleased to announce that our presale is officially closed and we have sold out of all 20M tokens.
We have listened to some of your concerns regarding market fluctuations. For example, some contributors deposited when BTC was $4300, effectively taking their APH token price to nearly 0.16 at the current rate.  We feel that it would not be fair for Aphelion to capitalize on market gains at the expense of our contributors. In a move to protect our early contributors from market volatility, we have decided to give all presale contributors the top exchange rate throughout the ICO.
The exchange rates are as follows:
  • 1 NEO = 326
  • 1 GAS = 280
  • 1 BTC = 72,490
  • 1 ETH = 3,280
This means is that if you did not already receive the top exchange rate during your transaction, you will be credited with additional tokens.  The additional tokens have been included in the 20M presale tokens. No new tokens have been issued. Please allow 48hrs for your account to be credited.
We have more news coming soon regarding the transfer of tokens to you during our ICO.
Thank you to all who have joined us in this ground-breaking project of bringing blockchain into the future. We wish you a prosperous future.

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