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Testnet Trading Competition Winners

A huge thank you to all the thousands who participated in our testnet trading competition.  All of you were instrumental in helping us move to mainnet and we are grateful.  Here are the final results showing the top 10 addresses and the trades they made. 

They will each be getting 1000 real APH in the next 24-48 hours.

Congratulations and thank you to all who participated.

AHAyzAreqzFbTb9NbvqjPDTx566Jv3Ku6H - 11159
AajLPtcUdVtztrHRo8k8ZmkaTUXxtWv5JH - 9732
AWmMNGZSmdw4wCoNEDy12TxePspCss87oJ - 7704
Abws9BuTWh5s2Xa51ZqWjepV3PNhEWnCBU - 6735
AYokQDz9QqCCfwuzGzWNVTpkMFLWNM3y4m - 6282
ARPKLLypFatLrsXzp4BEnHQhTgGJRq9QdP - 6232
ASEHocYVNKfV3SdK9izZq3vMzCMhToh31a - 4391
AUfeo9xp4Xv1RTAkUeU1VokuY96N6ZuQny - 3388
ASp39znZbfc3Qj46Sp1zj3eW5rpXFtunKP - 3347
AWEjPZaXo9LKQGBiyoSSenWcAFfcK9QQ6j - 3175

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