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Prepare for Segwit2x and the Aphelion Crowd Sale


SegWit2x is set to lock in on Nov 16th, this can be a confusing time for many. Especially with the Aphelion crowd sale set to launch on Nov 15th. We wanted to ensure our community is prepared and set to take advantage of our aggressive bonus offers.

BTC will lock in SegWit2x on November 16th creating confusion within the Bitcoin market. The snap shot for the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) fork was completed on Oct 24th, with a 1:1 payout of BTG for BTC holders. While exchanges have not opened BTG trading, Bitcoin can be freely traded again with no loss to BTG balances. The next step in scaling the Bitcoin blockchain is locking in SegWit2x. Many centralized exchanges have already announced they will halt all Bitcoin trading for 24hrs or more during the fork to ensure a safe and smooth transition.

NEO is completely unaffected by the fork and contains a number of advantages that provide the NEO community reassurance that upgrades will not be as contagious or controversial as Bitcoin. However, if you are planning on converting Bitcoin to NEO to participate in the Aphelion ICO, you might want to consider getting your NEO ready early. Aphelion is set to accept only NEO for our crowd sale. With round one beginning on Nov 15th, we highly recommend the following steps below:

  • Register an account and complete our KYC process now. This is an easy and straightforward process that does not require you to upload a government ID.
  • Purchase the amount of NEO you want to participate with in the crowd sale far in advance of Nov 15. At the time of this posting, NEO is down about 15%. It might be a good time to buy today.
  • Move NEO coins off exchange wallets and deposit in NEON wallets or NEO GUI.
  • You will only be able to participate in the APH crowd sale through the NEON wallet or NEO GUI wallet. Further instructions on how to participate will be released soon.
  • Additional crowd sale announcements will be posted on our social channels and in future blog posts.

Aphelion is excited to launch our ICO and thank all of those that help us bring the crypto-community the first true DEX built on NEO. More details on our crowd sale phases and set bonuses are included in our white paper.

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