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Aphelion ICO Pricing & Token Allocation Adjustment

For those that follow Aphelion closely, you have seen a lot of changes. You have also seen and heard a lot of noise. Aphelion prides itself as an open source, independent and transparent project for you: The Crypto Enthusiast. We have and will continue to face the difficult questions head on and promise to make that a cornerstone of the Aphelion culture. Our founder, Ian Holtz, held an AMA and multiple live interviews providing transparency to our project and his passion for Aphelion. We encourage everyone to watch it, comment and help drive Aphelion movements going forward.

Transparency, decentralization, open source, and community driven are the four pillars at Aphelion. So your thoughts, opinions and concerns are our top priority. On that note, we would like to address two recent community concerns:


Market Volatility

Aphelion will provide contributors with the BEST exchange rate during the ICO! Since the start of our ICO on Nov 15th, we have seen NEO skyrocket. Determining a leveling price is difficult and we are sure this concerns many existing and potential contributors. Because your concerns are our concerns, Aphelion is proud to announce that we will follow suit with our pre-sale offering and will extend a best rate guarantee for our ICO contributors. Another win for the community!



How does this work?

Aphelion will follow a 3-day moving average (MA) based on historical data from CoinMarketCap and determine what the best rate is and use that for coin distribution to all of our ICO and pre-ICO contributors. Please note, that the 3-day MA based on daily closing price is used and not the single highest point of NEO trading. You can contribute with confidence knowing that you will receive the BEST rate for the BEST project in ICO at this time.


Please allow 30 days after the ICO for the any additional/correcting distributions to be processed. We will track the 3 DAY regularly and post on our site and telegram group. A final 3-day MA will be announced at ICO end. Complete details can be read in our FAQ page.


What does an example of the pricing adjustment look like?

On the day of this post, Nov 19, 2017, the NEO 3 Day MA was at it’s highest rate during the ICO to date, at $37. If this is the highest 3 day MA for the remained of the ICO, this is what the token allocation would look like:

Presale: 1 NEO = 185 APH + 185 APH [370 APH total]
Round One: 1 NEO = 185 APH + 92 APH [277 APH total]
Round Two: 1 NEO = 185 APH + 46 APH [231 APH total]
Round Three: 1 NEO = 185 APH
*Please note the above numbers are used as an example. At the time of this post, this will be the best rate applied. It could go up from here, but not down.



Organization/Advisor Token Allocation

Keeping in line with the Aphelion commitment to fair and equitable token distribution, we will stay true to the token allocation ratio held for the organization, advisors and incentive program (as outlined in section 3.7 of our white paper). What this means is that the total number of tokens sold during our crowd sale will be the exact number of tokens allocated for the organization, advisors and incentive program. If Aphelion sells 100m tokens during the ICO (pre-sale included), 100m tokens will be allocated for the org, advisors and incentive program. Originally the company planned on retaining 220M regardless of the ICO sale, we’ve realized, with the help of the community that this is not what is best for the community and we are fixing it effective immediately.



What happens to the remaining tokens?

As previously communicated, tokens allocated for the ICO that are not sold will not be minted and effectively will not exist. Tokens that are allocated for the org, advisors and incentive program according to the new guidelines above will be used as outlined in our whitepaper. In a unique move to protect the project, additional tokens left over will be placed in a 100-year smart contract lock.
Stay tuned as we are just heating up with progress. We are on track to meet all goals listed in our timeline, with some ahead of schedule (MVP coming soon). Your feedback has been invaluable and we continue to encourage all to visit us on Telegram, meet our industry-best moderators and offer suggestions and recommendations for the future of Aphelion.


Onward and upward for //Aphelion

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