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Aphelion Weekly Updates March 12 2018

Hello fellow Aphelions!  Here we are with another exciting round of announcements at Aphelion.  First, we'd like to thank our growing community, contributors, employees, supporters and partners.  We hope you can feel the growing energy in what we are building.  We are getting closer and closer everyday to making our groundbreaking vision reality.  Let's cut to the chase and move into this week's announcements.

Aphelion Weekly Updates March 12 2018

New Website is LIVE

Yes, we've launched the fresh look and feel and its turned out beautiful.  We hope you like it as much as we do.  A few things to point out:

-We are still making some minor tweaks/edits/additions in the next few days

-Feel free to report any bugs via Telegram

-The site has been professionally translated by native speakers in Russian, Chinese, Korean & Japanese and includes the whitepaper

-We've rolled out an AirDrop program effective immediately, further details below

Aphelion AirDrop Program

Effective today we've launched our official APH airdrop program here:  https://aphelion.org/#airdropModal

The purpose of the program is to organically grow the community, interest and ultimately DEX adoption and token demand.  We'll be giving away 500k FREE APH tokens to the first 10k members (50APH per registrant) who complete the form on the site and sign up for our Telegram and Reddit:



The rules are included in the form and its open to anyone, including existing members.  50 APH for each registrant and all registrations and information provided will be verified prior to the airdrop, if anything is inaccurate or you opt out of the telegram or reddit groups before the drop you'll be disqualified.

Please help us spread this program and let's build our community together.


This is the most exciting part for us and hopefully for all of you.  We have been making real progress here and plan on releasing a wallet update to match the website branding in a matter of a weeks, then integrating the DEX functionality into an update to follow shortly there after.  Its hard to give definitive dates; we are working as fast as we can to get these to market.  We'll then move directly into the atomic swap and cross chain functionality which has already been scoped.  Everything is continuing to happen on track and we can't wait to release the wallet and DEX and finally fulfill on our mission and vision.  

Last week we released a proof of concept for veriafiable testnet/wallet on-chain NEO/GAS exchanges and refunds.  This week we are continueing in sharing those development milestones with demonstrating NEP5 (specifically APH) exchanges:

TestNet NEP5 Trade - APH

Owner: AK2nJJpJr6o664CWJKi1QRXjqeic2zRp8y

User 1: AVBJoZycF6pDrixrqJsvEmpKp1TwpXcCXy


APH Token:  0x591eedcd379a8981edeefe04ef26207e1391904a       

Exchange Contract:  0x5c6a2bbd097731679a2ce4271dd5af8431bea4bb


Balances: Block Height 1,224,325

            Exchange Contract: Neo: 0 Gas: 0


User 1: Neo: 5    Gas: 124.999    APH: 700


User 2: Neo: 10   Gas: 199.999   APH: 1400


User 1: Make offer to SELL APH x500 @ 0.02321 GAS



            Hash256 0x602c79718b16e442de58778e148d0b1084e3b2dffd5de6b7b16cee7969282de7

            Integer 1160500000

            Hash256 0x591eedcd379a8981edeefe04ef26207e1391904a

            Integer 50000000000

                                    Transfer: 500 APH (exchange contract makes this transfer)

                                    Send: 0.00000001 GAS (a drop of gas is required for the exchange contract to function)

                        Transaction Id:


                        Offer Id created:


Balances: Block Height 1,224,330

            Exchange Contract: Neo: 0 Gas: 0.00000001    APH: 500


User 1: Neo: 5    Gas: 124.99899999    APH: 200


User 2: Neo: 10   Gas: 199.999   APH: 1400


User 2: Take Offer - BUY APH x500 @ 0.02321 GAS





            Integer 1160500000

                                    Send: 11.605 Gas


                          Transaction Id:



                        Transfers to users from contract:



Balances: Block Height 1,224,360

            Exchange Contract: Neo: 0 Gas: 0.00000001    APH: 0


User 1: Neo: 5    Gas: 136.60299999    APH: 200


User 2: Neo: 10   Gas: 188.393   APH: 1900


We encourage the community to take a peak and follow the veriable on-chain exchanges happening on testnet.  This will be the basis of the smart contract we'll ultimately be uploading to mainnet for the APH DEX.  Enjoy! 

Exchange Listings 

We closely follow all the chatter on this topic and we understand it is an important piece of the project for all our presale and ICO contributors.  And we don't take it lightly.  We've previously announced that we'd been approved for 3 exchanges and are pending for an additional 3.   In transparency, we've made the strategic decision to pull out from 2 of those exchanges and are now working with the third on a listing date.  The 2 we cancelled will not be missed, we assure you.  Very low market caps and almost zero value for the liquidity and overall project.  With the rapid rise of new tokens, volatile market and ever-changing landscape we've experienced total team changes at the exchanges, re-application requests, added requirements after approvals we're already made and numerous other changes and adjustments in process and requirements.  And we are following every step of the way.  With all that being said, we are still pending with 3 big exchanges (never been denied or rejected) and working to get listed with the remaining exchange as soon as possible. 

We cannot release the name or listing dates until they make that date decision and we've been told that will happen within a few days of the listing going live.  We still anticipate a listing happening this month.  As we continue to be at the mercy of the exchanges for listings its important to remember that our development is continuing as scheduled and our value will only increase the further we get and with the volatile markets in the last few months we believe the listing delays could be a blessing an ultimately turn out to be a benefit for all APH token holders.  We know this may ruffle a few feathers with the community but its also important to remember that we don't have control over this but we are doing everything we can to fast track the listings.  It will happen at the right time and we are confident in the end everyone will benefit from the timing and technology.  We appreciate your continued patience and support in this delicate matter.

That's all we have for this week, we appreciate your continued attention in these announcements and we promise to stay as transparent and committed to progress as we possibly can be.   With that being said we'll be moving updates to bi-weekly (twice a month) moving forward as we focus exclusively on the initial DEX release.  From this point forward the only updates that really matter are our pending wallet release, DEX integration and listings news.  We'll focus exclusively on those. 



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