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Aphelion Weekly Update October 24, 2018

Its been a busy few weeks since the DEX launched on mainnet back on 10/10. 

Here is the latest:

-DEX is fully functional and working great on desktop

-We expected to launch mobile commit and testnet DEX now, but we found some roadblocks that we need to address first to ensure the best experience 

-Mobile & Web DEX and Commit functions are our #1 priority but we dont expect a release for at least another week to ensure the best experience

-There is has been some question on DEX pricing.  We use a unique formula that is always changing based on market conditions to give the best rates for the users.  Fee percentages can be anywhere from .01% to .25% of the value of the trade in the equivalent APH based on the quantity of the quote asset depending on order quantity and the distribution of the size of orders on the book with the chance of the fee getting lower increasing the greater the order quantity. 

The best way to calculate fees for a particular market is to initiate a trade, select place order and a confirmation dialogue appears as shown below:

In this example the user was buying 10,000 ASA for a total cost of 1.2 NEO (unit price .00012 NEO) and the total fees for that trade is only .24 APH.

Please note:  market orders and buying APH are always FREE, no fees ever

-Available markets in the DEX will remain the same for now and we'll look at adding another round of tokens next week

-Eventually most all nep5 assets will be available on Aphelion

-Lastly, there has been some question about the legalities of Aphelion.  We've sought expert legal advice since our inception and have been consulted every step of the way and we 100% confident in our legal compliance as the laws stand today.  We have been assured there is no legal precedent for the technology we have created and the model we've developed.  With that being said, we will continue fulfilling on our mission and vision to provide a truly decentralized experience for user to access on their own terms without rules, borders, security concerns all in a lightning fast and beautiful experience.    



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