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Aphelion Weekly Round Up


What a week we had here at Aphelion. When we first discussed the possibility of launching our DEX, we had no idea the road and challenges that laid ahead.  After months of planning, meetings and strategy sessions we launched our pre-sale with hopes that the NEO community would embrace us.  They have.  We were pleased to announce that Aphelion officially sold out of our pre-sale at 21:45PM GMT on November 10th here are the final numbers:


·      140 Contributors

·      19,975,496 Tokens Sold

·      NEO: 34,057 | GAS:546 | BTC:81.87 | ETH:849.17



We got some amazing support along the way.  First being an awesome review by Keith Wareing.  Keith often visited us on Telegram dropping some of his famous one-liners.  I will avoid repeating them, but you take a listen (and laugh) on his You Tube channel.  Here is Keith’s video on ‘Aphelion ICO and why I’ve backed it’


We were again graced with another incredible review.  This time completed by the amazing Suppoman.  Suppoman even reached out to us and asked some tough questions about us and the dev team we have put together.  You can watch his video on Aphelion and his thoughts on ‘Will This Crypto End China FUD Forever’.   We tend to agree with his thoughts on this one.


Lastly, the team discussed a few items that the community raised as concerns.  Being an open source DEX, one built for and meant to be for the community, your thoughts concerns and opinions are important to us.  These are what drive and motivate us.  There were strong opinions on a few items, so strong that we actually changed directly from your feedback


Unsold Coins in ICO:  This was our first change.  Many contributors were strong in the opinion we burn any unsold coins.  Being honest, we may have been a bit over confident with Aphelion here.  Our thoughts never wondered to an ICO not selling out.  Considering the heavy advantages, the NEO blockchain has and the extreme need for a quality DEX we focused on development and any thoughts of not selling out would be kept by the organization to help ensure liquidity of APH.  The crowd requested unsold tokens be burned at the end of the ICO, we listened.  Aphelion will officially burn any and all unsold tokens. 


Market Volatility:  With the crazy moves made from BTC and other coins, the price fluctuation was incredible.  The Aphelion team struggled to find balance, but did an amazing job updating and posting the most current exchange rates.  Again, our early adopters were strong in their concern with the heavy difference in price.  We listened.  For those very early adaptors, we felt it right to provide all with the highest exchange rates during the ICO.  You supported us, we support you.  Below is the exchange rates that all users will enjoy:

·      1 NEO = 326 APH

·      1 GAS = 280 APH

·      1 BTC = 72,490 APH

·      1 ETH = 3,280 APH

No action is needed or required by you.  All accounts have been credited.  Again, thank you for your support!

What’s Next

While we would love to hit the pub and enjoy a celebratory drink, we have only just begun.  Here is what we are working on for you in the short term.

Customer Aphelion Wallet:  In a matter of a few short hours (48 hours as of the time of this writing) we will be releasing our custom APH Wallet.  This wallet will be used for the actual token distribution which will occur during Round 1 of our ICO.

APH Token Holder Rewards:  Another strong request from the community is a token reward system.  We are still in very early stages on this.  We are working diligently at developing a type of reward system for our token holders and/or possibly even burn a small portion of APH on each transaction.  We are somewhat concerned with the latter and liquidity of APH long-term.  Still, your words and concerns hit us.  We are trying to find a good balance here for you.

ICO Round 1:  We are preparing ourselves and our entire team for the ICO.  November 15th at 00:00 GMT, our doors officially open for Phase 1.  Those of you that have not, make sure you create your account and process through our KYC.  Also, get your NEO ready!!  Here are a few reminders for you with our ICO:

·Only NEO coins will be accepted during the ICO

·Minimum of 5 NEO contribution is required

·NEO coins can only be sent to us from our wallet releases (download and instructions will be provided soon)

·Our wallets will be available for Win, Mac & Linux

·We will issue a script hash one hour prior to the ICO launch in your Aphelion.org account

·APH tokens will distribute to your wallets automatically when NEO is sent

You can read more about our ICO and use of the proceeds in our white paper.  For quick reference, below we have shared the bonuses, pricing and timing for each round:



Start Date

End Date



Effective Price


Nov 15 2017
First Block

Nov 15 2017
Last Block





Nov 16 2017
First Block

Nov 22 2017
Last Block

7 Days




Nov 23 2017
First Block

Dec 7 2017
Last Block

14 Days

No Bonus


We would like to thank each and all of our pre-sale contributors. Your active participation in our Telegram channel and all other social media posts is much appreciated. Look for exciting announcements and releases in the days and weeks ahead.

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