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Aphelion Updates April 24th, 2018

Greetings fellow Aphelions, We've got a lot of cool things happening right now at Aphelion and in this update, we'll be sharing the status of ongoing projects including the new desktop Aphelion Wallet,  mobile wallet, marketing & promos, DEX and the latest with the listings.

Aphelion NEO Desktop Wallet

As most of you already know the Aphelion NEO Desktop Wallet was beta released on April 20th 2018.  We're currently working on an updated version due out sometime this week.  We originally planned on 2 updates this week but it's looking like we're rolling the initially planned updates into one release coming later this week that will include the GAS claim issues, Mac Ledger support, several backend updates designed to dramatically increase performance, a new zoom feature built into the UI and several other important updates.  The wallet has been very well received and we are committing to making it better, faster and stronger.  

Wallet Marketing Launch & Promo

Once we release the new version, we'll begin a wider release that will include paid search, PR, youtube reviews, NEO client page listing and a big promo.  We expect these efforts will catapult our wallet downloads and users significantly and increase our exposure to the larger community.   We believe the wallet and the open source MIT licensed code behind speak for itself as the worlds best NEO wallet ever released.  We promise to hold true to that standard in everything we build.  Keep a close eye on things this next week for the new build and the marketing, promo and increased community that comes along with all of that, it will be fun.

Aphelion Mobile Wallet & DEX

We've already been long at work for both the Aphelion Mobile Wallet and the Aphelion DEX.  The plan is to have the mobile wallet done and ready for testing inside of 30 days, the UI is complete and you can find those image released via telegram or past blog posts.  It will be by far the sharpest performing and looking NEO mobile wallet ever released and will be the basis for the future mobile DEX.  

The Aphelion DEX is also coming right along and the servers running the wallet will also be powering the DEX and so the initial wallet release has allowed us to fine tune the servers for scale as we move towards the DEX integration.  We are still running some analyses on the APH cost requirement for trades and will likely release those details just prior to the actual release.  We also plan to have NEO/GAS and all NEP5 trading integrated with the initial release.  We've released proof of concept of these exchanges already happening on-chain and now its a matter of finalizing the logic, servers, smart contracts and integrating the UI.  At that point, the DEX will become available through your existing Aphelion Wallet through an update.  Trading will be available right in the wallet, which by that time will be one of the highest performing and safest wallets in the entire industry.

Listings Latest

It's no secret that APH exchange listing delays have been frustrating for some and we apologize and understand.  We also think that this will likely benefit the project overall because now things are starting to align with the increased community, tech releases and the recovery happening in the market.  With all that being said we still have declined listings with 2 past approved exchanges are still pending a response from 3 (Binance included) and most excitingly are putting the finishing touches on a listing deal with a solid first exchange for Aphelion.  We've made big strides in the last few weeks with this exchange and expect to make a formal announcement in a matter of days or a few weeks (still at their mercy under the NDA).  Its been a long road but we are confident things will work out as they should and the project will come to full fruition in the right places at the right times.  Thank you to everyone who has been supportive as we work towards fulfilling our mission and vision.

Make it a prosperous week.



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