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Aphelion Releases Best NEO Wallet Ever (V1.2.2)

Aphelion Releases Best NEO Wallet Ever (V1.2.2)

Aphelion has been hard at work developing our flagship product the Aphelion Wallet which we soft launched on April 20th 2018. We believe the wallet is the sharpest looking and functioning NEO wallet ever released and the initial feedback is supporting that claim.

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The wallet showcases a cutting-edge user interface, real-time trading chart data, customizable address book and complete Nep5 token integration. With security and scalability as the top priority, the Aphelion NEO wallet is the basis for our pending DEX implementation. See UI below:

Future updates will integrate our groundbreaking Aphelion DEX and Decentralized Exchange Asset Ledger (D.E.A.L.) technology allowing peer-to-peer smart contract and wallet-based trading. We’re already working on the mobile version and you can see those designs here:

In the first week we’ve added major upgrades and tackled initial bug fixes
## Updates:

1. Support for Ledger on Mac has been added.
2. Performance in the app has been greatly improved due to an internal storage overhaul incorporating PouchDB.
3. Greatly improved user experience when claiming gas.
4. Added the AUD Currency
Tool tips have been added for show / hide password buttons and for buttons to copy text.
6. Addition of zoom in / out controls.
7. The backup wallet feature was removed when logged in with Ledger.

## Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the app becoming unresponsive when left running.
2. Fixed 
claiming gas with a Ledger device.
3. Fixed bugs in estimating the value of small coin amounts when sending funds.
4. Displaying coin amounts 
through the app has been improved to ensure consistency and correctness.
5. A number of alignment issues with displayed controls were addressed.
6. Fixed a bug where token type during send could be unselected without user intervention.
7. Corrected APH Total Supply being shown incorrectly (It is now correctly shown as 70 Million).

We’ll be launching big giveaway and promo next week for everyone who downloads and installs the wallet so be sure to get qualified for that.

We are anxious to hear everyone’s experience with the new version so please join us on our telegram here: https://t.me/AphelionToken and share your feedback.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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