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Aphelion DEX Issues Update V 3.2.2

Release Notes:

* Eliminate switching network while system asset (NEO/GAS) withdraw in progress
* DEX Chart Improvements for loading more historical data
* Fix annoying toString not defined error on dashboard when normalizing recent transactions
* Reduce RPC network load required for checking if a withdraw is in process (DEX loads faster)
* Add tokens to wallet assets automatically when attempting to buy a token from the DEX
* Increase width of market selector scroll bar
* UX improvement for selecting buy or sell order type
* Update market selector to display market volume in native currencies
* Sort markets in market selector using first 10 by volume and remaining alphabetically
* Fix websocket issue that could intermittently cause the DEX to erroneously think it couldn't reach the trading server.
* Switch formatting money to use 4 decimal precision when the value is less than 1 and non-zero

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