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APH Exchange Listing Update March 28, 2018

Aphelion exchange listings have been delayed due to circumstances outside of our control.  We will continue to update the community on our progress and our promise is to work to get APH listed on the right exchanges at the right times and as soon as possible.  We previously reported that we'd been approved on 3 exchanges and that is still true, but last month we decided it was in the best interest of the project and community to withdrawal our listings with TDAX and Coinnest and that leaves 1 exchange we're continuing to work with on a pending listing date (we don't have the luxury of choosing the date and you'll be the first to know as soon as it has been secured; we expect a matter of days/weeks at most).  As also previously reported, we are still pending an application with Binance; no new news to report with them.  That leaves two additional exchanges we are also still pending approval.   Those 3 exchanges we expect more from after we see the initial volume on the first one.  But remember by then, the APH DEX will likely be operational so there will be a P2P solution for trading APH pairs.

Please note that we take our release dates very seriously and so when we set the goal of Q1 for listings back during our ICO last year we meant it and we are very disappointed that we have not met that deadline.  Its important to point out that over the last few months the market conditions have not been ideal; Its not uncommon for listings in crypto or the stock market to be delayed when we experience less than favorable conditions.  A combination of less than favorable conditions along with some additional internal factors with the exchanges have led to our delays.  We are working to determine a solid listing date and hopefully can coincide that with a bit of a market recovery in the coming days/weeks.

We also understand that this may create unease in the community and it's important for us to point out that these were circumstances beyond our control and we will always work to do what is best for the project and the community.  We urge everyone to stay united, patient and excited for the pending listing as well as some very exciting future tech releases.  The exchanges are active in our community so let's stay positive as a group and show them the value of the APH community.  We are hopeful that the delay could end up being a blessing in disguise as it could very well correspond with a market recovery as well as our wallet and DEX release which will surely have an impact on the initial volumes we experience.   

Thank you to everyone for your continued support, we are getting very close on all remaining fronts.


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