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AirDrop Public Addresses & Transaction IDs

The Aphelion AirDrop officially completed on March 22, 2018.  If you didn't receive tokens after submitting for the AirDrop you either submitted incomplete/inaccurate information, failed to join both our telegram and reddit or you were not one of the first 10k successful applications.



Aphelion Declared Utility Token

Aphelion went through a paid legal review and was declared a utility token per FINMA ICO guidelines.  Full report below.



Aphelion Weekly Updates March 12 2018

Hello fellow Aphelions!  Here we are with another exciting round of announcements at Aphelion.  First, we'd like to thank our growing community, contributors, employees, supporters and partners.  We hope you can feel the growing energy in what we are building.  We are getting closer and closer everyday to making our groundbreaking vision reality.  Let's cut to the chase and move into this week's announcements.



Aphelion Weekly Updates March 2 2018

It's been a very exciting week here at Aphelion inching closer and closer to fulfilling on our mission and vision.  In this weeks announcements we will be sharing a proof of concept (PoC) that verifies demonstrations of on-chain exchanges that we've conducted on testnet as well as several additional exciting updates.



Aphelion Weekly Updates February 23 2018

Another exciting week at Aphelion as we move closer and closer to listing, wallet/website updates and proof of work.  We've made some massive progress on our devnet and have completed an on-chain nep5 exchange.



Aphelion Weekly Updates February 15 2018

Greetings fellow Aphelions!  We hope you are as excited as we are as we close in on some major milestones later this month and into March.  This weeks announcements are fairly light while we continue towards the big push announcing exchanges and marketing launch later this month.



Aphelion Weekly Updates February 8 2018

Hello fellow Aphelions! Its crunch time here at Aphelion and our team is laser-focused on 1) our upcoming new marketing launch; 2) a new wallet release; 3) releasing an initial proof of work and; 4) finally getting APH listed on the exchanges.



Aphelion Weekly Updates February 1 2018

This past week we've made some major breakthroughs in some complex decisions into how APH exchanges will happen and also in how to claim APH that will be redistributed to all token holders.  We now know the exact design and logic for our initial release and are still on pace to hold true to our timeline and roadmap.  These next 4-8 weeks will be very exciting for the Aphelion community.



Aphelion Weekly Updates January 23, 2018
Here and now at Aphelion it is all about development, development, development.  And we expect that continue into the forseeable future.  We are laser focused on getting a proof of concept completed as soon as possible.
Updates for the week of January 23, 2018


Aphelion Weekly Updates January 18th 2018

We've had a busy week here at Aphelion filling open positions, pushing forward with development and inking deals with exchanges.  

Updates for the week of January 18th, 2018



Aphelion Weekly Updates January 10th, 2018

This post kicks off what will be the first of our committed weekly updates.  The community has spoken/requested more frequent updates and we've listened.  In this series, we aim to provide updates that are as detailed as we can in order to keep our community up to date on everything Aphelion.  We also encourage feedback, so if there are items you'd like us to touch us feel free to let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.  How can we do better?



Aphelion Updates December 29 2017

Aphelion updates before the New Year from Founder, Ian Holtz



Join Our Team

We are growing our rock star development team



Aphelion ICO Official Numbers

Aphelion Release Final ICO Numbers

Total Market Cap of 70,000,000



Aphelion NEON Wallet Update 0.0.9 Released

UPDATE New Aphelion NEON wallet update found here https://github.com/aphtoken/



Aphelion's 7 New Announcements

From all of us at Team Aphelion, we’d like to start by saying thank you to all of our contributors, advisors, amazing community members and everybody that is working to move this groundbreaking project forward.   We are eternally grateful to have such a smart, positive, collaborative and growing group. Thank you!

On that note, we are happy to make some exciting new announcements.  But, before we do, its important to point out we are still live in ICO until Dec 7th 23:59 GMT.  Its been a wonderful ride so far building our community and following our vision for a truly decentralized p2p exchange on the NEO blockchain.  As part of our promise of transparency and commitment to fulfilling on the Aphelion vision we are pleased to announce the following:



How to View and Transact APH Tokens

This video describes how to view and transact APH tokens using the Aphelion NEON wallet and Neotracker.io



NEO Blockchain Project Aphelion: Revolutionary Yes! Scam No!

Hello to everyone and I welcome you to my very first Medium story. My name is Ian Holtz and I am the founder of Aphelion. Aphelion is a revolutionary peer-to-peer decentralized application (DApp), built on the NEO blockchain, that will solve the for the inherent issues plaguing the centralized exchanges today.



Hackernoon: What is Aphelion and Why The FUD? I dove deep to better understand exactly what they are and how legitimate this project is and to determine if this is truly a scam as some are claiming.
For those of you that follow me (thank you to those faithful few), and read my previous blogs ‘Where the Hell is My Decentralized Exchange?’ and ‘Atomic Swap — Why It’s a Game Changer’ you understand that I am frustrated. Frustrated that I am forced to use a centralized exchange for my decentralized cryptocurrency. Frustrated that the DEX’s out today, for lack of a better word, suck. Frustrated that there are few projects that I have researched that I am excited about. View


Aphelion ICO Pricing & Token Allocation Adjustment For those that follow Aphelion closely, you have seen a lot of changes.  You have also seen and heard a lot of noise.  Aphelion prides itself as an open source, independent and transparent project for you:  The Crypto Enthusiast.  We have and will continue to face the difficult questions head on and promise to make that a cornerstone of the Aphelion culture.  Our founder, Ian Holtz, held an AMA and multiple live interviews providing transparency to our project and his passion for Aphelion.  We encourage everyone to watch it, comment and help drive Aphelion movements going forward. View
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